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What is online poker rakeback

What is  RAKE BACK

To learn about rake back you first need to understand what rake is. Rake is the money for which online poker sites charge to play at their site. For every hand you play, in a raked game, poker sites automatically take a percentage of the money (usually 5% up to $3). Without you ever knowing (poker sites do not show your total rake) this money can accumulate to a large sum of money. Learn more about what is rakeback

What is RakeBack – Rake Back is something that poker sites do not want you to know about. Through exclusive sites such as this, you can get special offers which give BACK some of your RAKE. Basically, you are getting a discount on what these poker sites charge. This money can amount to thousands of dollars over a short period of time. These offers are not provided to the normal poker player and can only be found on a select number of sites. Simply click the banner above and choose a poker site that you would like to start earning rakeback at. Then follow the simple directions and you can start earning a percentage the money poker sites are charging back into your pocket.

Stop paying the full price at poker sites. Click on the above banner and start getting a discount from all the major poker sites, up to 60% off! This is an exclusive RakeBack offer that poker sites do not want you to know about. It is not given to every player and offers like these can only be found on a limited number of poker sites.

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